Scientific Proof: Which Music is the Cheesiest?

Every once in a while I come across a press-release so outrageous that I just have to write about it immediately. This is one of those.

A team of researchers from the Bern University of Arts (“Hochschule der Künste Bern” – HKB) in Switzerland tried something novel. They wanted to find out if subjecting wheels of cheese to round-the-clock exposure to certain kinds of music and sound would have any measurable effect on them. Well…

After six months of exposing a total of nine cheese wheels to a constant barrage of sounds via mini-transducers, they reported: “The experiment was a success, and the results are amazing”

You can see the nine candidates in the image above. Here’s what they went through:

In a public tasting event the jury finally concluded “that the cheeses exposed to music had a generally mild flavour compared to the control test sample”. A fascinating result.

But which was the cheesiest?

“Their report also confirms that the cheese exposed to hip hop music displayed a discernibly stronger smell and stronger, fruitier taste than the other test samples.”

Now, how many of you just exclaimed an “I knew it!”?

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